Neuroethics & XR + BCI Privacy Risks: Sophia Batchelor 

Sophia Batchelor is a recent neuroscientist graduate from UC Berkeley who focused on immersive technologies and neuroethics. We talk about the power of XR for creating new memories, the moral implications of experiential design when XR can be so salient, the bioethics implications of XR including the including the types of sensitive information that can be extrapolated from biometric data, and the need for XR R&D teams to have more ethicists on staff. We also talk about the emerging field of brain computer interfaces, and the privacy implications of being able to read someone’s thoughts. Batchelor talks about some of the privacy architectural decisions of BCI start-up Neurosity, which she announced after AWE that she took as job there as the neuroscientist in residence.

Source: Voices of VR Podcast